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Simatai Great Wall Tour

Simatai Great Wall Profile before the Tour
Located in Gubeikou Town to the north-east of Beijing, Simatai Great is well-known for its characters of ˇ°steepness, queerness, wonderfulness, and comprehensivenessˇ±.
Simatai Great Wall is divided into eastern and western parts by Mandarin Duck Lake. The surface of the lake will never ice up, even in Winter. This is because the lake fed by two springs. One is warm, the other is cold.
It is the only part of ancient Great Walls with the original features of Ming Dynasty.

Simatai Great Wall Tour Tips
Simatai Great Wall is not so crowded as other sections because it is further than other Great Wall.
Best season of Simatai Great Wall Tour: Spring and Autumn
Cable car is available on Simatai Great Wall.
It is 2 and half hours' driving from Beijing city to Simatai Great Wall.
A pair of soft shoes is necessary for Simatai Great Wall tour.

Simatai Great Wall Tour Routes
Simatai Great Wall one day tour
Simatai Great Wall from Beijing Airport
Simatai Great Wall tour from Xingang Port
Simatai Great Wall included in Beijing Package tour

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